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Donate your stuff to Archive Montreal!


Moving? Want to free up some space at home?

ARCHIVE MONTREAL will gladly take your old zines, books, magazines, posters, photos, cassettes, films, vinyl etc. for conservation in our huge archive of Montreal culture!

If you publish your own books or zines or print posters, we could also add copies of your work to our collection.

Archive Montréal documents

But who are we? Good question!

Our collection includes thousands of independent publications and other cultural artefacts from Montreal from the 50’s to today.

Our non-profit organization’s archive centre is a valuable reference for researchers and provides material for use in exhibits, books, documentary films and other projects touching on Montreal culture and history.

If you have material to donate, you can contact us by email at for more information, we can pick up your stuff or arrange for a visit to our archive centre.

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 Archiving Concert Posters @ ARCMTL

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