ARCMTL is proud to be a part of this week’s 54th annual conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.
Sadly, due to the pandemic, it is no longer taking place in Montreal physically, but there are a number of presentations and discussions featuring Montreal archives, museums, record labels and more, as part of the free online programming.
Go to this page to register for free for the conference. Once you have registered, you can view any of the online presentations and discussions that interest you.
We will post a link to the archive of the presentation that ARCMTL is taking part in, on Friday, May 22, from 1:30 – 3 pm, when the conference is over.

Here are a few links to guide conference-goers to noteworthy blog posts and web postings touching on ARCMTL’s audio archives. Firstly, our sporadically-updated blog for our weekly Montreal Sound Ark radio programme has a lot of interesting posts; here’s a blog post from 2015 showing our (since slightly updated) process for digitizing cassettes; finally, there’s a lot to explore on our website devoted to Montreal’s 1960s – 1970s era through interviews like this one with a rock journalist, or with this avid concert-goer,

Stay tuned for more information about exciting programming, online and off, planned for the summer and fall!!

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ARCMTL is well-known for its collections of so-called “ephemeral” material, ie, publications, leaflets, posters or other material with a short useful life. The following selection of postcards from Montreal were produced around the middle of the 20th century, up to the 1970s. The captions for each are the same as those that were printed on the back of the postcards. Note that there are no credits for photography or artists

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Distroboto 16 years of music

In March 2017, we celebrated Distroboto’s Sweet Sixteen with a concert at Casa del Popolo, where the project was born in January 2001. L’expérience Distroboto est étroitement liée à la culture indépendante montréalaise et a été un succès dès ses débuts. Seize ans plus tard, les machines ont vendu plus de 100 000 œuvres réalisées par plus de 1200 artistes locaux et internationaux ! Pour souligner cet important anniversaire, durant

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Volume 1 MTL Art and the Book 2018

Volume 1 MTL : Art and the Book, October 15 – 21 2018. Volume 1 MTL was the first edition of ARCMTL’s newest project: a week dedicated to art publishing and artists’ books. Workshops, conferences, discussions, presentations and a fair bringing together more than 50 publishers and creators were held in Montreal in October 2018. Here’s an overview of the various activities that made Volume 1 MTL a great success!

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