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Montreal Underground Origins!

Montreal Underground Origins is a new project undertaken by Archive Montreal which aims to shine a light for current and future generations of artists on the early days of what is now considered a thriving city of the arts.

Check out the project’s image blog to peruse excerpts and full scans of vintage photos, magazines and varied publications from the era. The project’s blog features a growing number of articles, interviews and discussion transcripts exploring various aspects of the 1960s – 1970s Montreal underground arts and activist scene. Links to other websites, organizations or online resources to discover more about this era appear as a sidebar to the right of all posts on our blog.

Recent Articles
Archiving Concert Posters @ ARCMTL

Archive Montreal has been gathering up and archiving local concert posters and flyers since it was founded in late 1998. For the most part, posters and flyers are acquired not long after they have served their main purpose of promoting a specific event, exhibit, demonstration or social cause. Staff and friends of ARCMTL regularly take down such posters from the walls of cafés, record stores, store entrances—or even from the

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Native Sounds Climate Change Special

Native Sounds Climate Change Special On the occasion of the final day of negotiations at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP 21), Montreal Sound Ark decided to give most of this week’s show over to those Canadians with the most to lose if drastic temperature rises occur: our aboriginal communities. Most of the material comes from 45s, EPs and albums from the 1960s to the mid 1980s, an era when

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Poster archives: Jailhouse Rock Café

A sample poster collection featured in a recent blog post about Archive Montreal’s poster archives included a fair number promoting concerts at the Jailhouse Rock Café. This bar was known in its previous incarnation as the Bar du Plateau, becoming the Jailhouse Rock around 1994 and hosting more than two thousand concerts before it closed in 2002. Longtime booker and co-owner of the Jailhouse, Domenic Castelli, has been compiling posters

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